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Name: Maya
Contact: [plurk.com profile] Mayalex
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Name: D-17 aka Megatronus
Canon/Continuity: Transformers Prime
Reference: y-yay, reading?
Canon Point: Just before his and Orion's meeting with the Iacon Council

  • + CHARISMATIC Megatronus has a natural way with words that demands attention, honing experience writing speeches to give upon victory in the gladitorial arenas of Kaon. Although his vocabulary isn't the most extensive, he knows how to get the point across in a way that resonates, especially with the lower-casted members of Cybertronian society.
  • + QUICK-THINKING Years of honing his skills as a gladiator have given him a unique insight on strategizing and tactics. He's especially skilled in thinking on his feet and creating strategies within only minutes or even seconds, not necessarily to succeed but if only to give him a temporary advantage. There's a reason he was an undefeated champion in the arena.
  • + HONOR At this point, Megatronus still values lawfulness and honor, as part of his experience as a gladiator. He knows when to pick fights and when to back down, and dislikes any overly violent responses to the caste revolution he has inadvertently started (unless his anger* gets the better of him, anyway). He won't resort to dirty tactics unless he's on the battlefield and its required of him.
  • +/- SYMPATHETIC (selectively) To say that he feels very strongly about the effect of Cybertronian society on the lower castes and those who have suffered under the rule of the caste system in general is putting it lightly. He sympathizes with any and all Cybertronians or people who have been oppressed by the rule of the powerful and wealthy. However, his sympathy rarely extends beyond this point, and it's hard for him to feel that connection with anyone who has lived a more comfortable life or benefited from oppression.
  • +/- "STREET SMARTS" To put it vaguely. Most of his intelligence comes from experience; he has not had a lot of time to do studying, and as a mere mining drone, he was not treated to any basic education, so he is obviously lacking in a few things that can only be learned through study. But he's learned a lot by living in the mines and the arena, enough that he can function properly (although being amidst the higher-ups of society makes him uncomfortable after a while).
  • - *BRASH Simply put, he lacks tact, and he does have a bit of a temper. When provoked into anger, any learned eloquence goes out the window and his language will turn more crude, perhaps even violent. All of those years fighting for his life for a living haven't exactly tempered him into the epitome of patience and pacifism, after all.
  • - EXTREMIST Although he dislikes violence being used as a first resort, he is not above using it as a last resort. His ultimate goal is the complete destruction of the current caste system, after all, and although he'd prefer that reform and revolution are seen to as civilly as possible, he will not deny someone a war if he feels they're asking for one and all options have been exhausted.
  • - JADED Years of being denied a name, being treated like a lesser being, and seeing the struggle of others in a similar position have made him bitter and apathetic towards the world around him. Although he tries to see the benefits of change and the few good people in a higher position that are willing to help him, he's quick to see the darkness and potentially evil intent in someone. As a result, he is slow to trust others.

AU or OC Info:

Sample: Usually, Megatronus liked to make it a point to be the last one to leave the arena waiting rooms, mostly so he could let the crowds die down and he leave in peace. Today was different, though; today, he was one of the first mechs out the door, something that surprised some of the other long-time fighters that knew him. And it was surprising. He wasn't entirely sure what he expected from the crowds, but the mass amounts of cheering for the recently-crowned undefeated champion was deafening at first. He managed to push his way through the crowd until he was free, and their attention was drawn to the next favorite to come out the doors.

It was at that point that he decided he didn't really like being among a crowd.

But that was neither here nor there, because there was a more important thing to deal with right now. Orion had tentatively invited him to discuss their plan for approaching the Council over refueling, and it was only courteous not to keep him waiting. At least, that was the impression he got from the times Orion had to leave early to keep with a meeting, anyway.


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